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This page contains contact details for ordering Awhi Ora Wellbeing Support resources for service providers.

Awhi Ora - Supporting Wellbeing Best Practice Guidelines

The Best Practice Guidelines were collaboratively developed with representation from Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards (DHBs), primary health and non-government agencies to create some standard practices for Awhi Ora - Walk Alongside Support within their catchment areas.

The guidelines cover many aspects of Awhi Ora - Supporting Wellbeing and encourage consistent service delivery.  Please email to request a copy.

Awhi Ora - Supporting Wellbeing introduction leaflet

The introduction leaflet explains the Awhi Ora - Supporting Wellbeing service.  Please email to request a copy.

Additional resources

COVID-19 information

If your organisation is experiencing any challenges providing services to people at this time, please contact the Awhi Ora service co-ordinator.  Thank you for the work that you are doing under difficult circumstances.