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The end of year update from the team

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

2019 is almost over and this year our work in Tāmaki has shifted from a largely health related understanding of wellbeing to one that encompasses a broader section of supports available in our communities. A good illustration of this shift is the collaboration that is taking shape with the Manaiakalani Education Trust.

Manaiakalani is described as “an education programme achieving significant improvement in student achievement outcomes for 12 mostly decile 1A schools* in the Auckland suburbs of Glen Innes, Pt England and Panmure. By offering students full digital citizenship, the Manaiakalani Programme is not only achieving improved educational results, but also realising the potential for enhanced employment and life outcomes for our students.” The website notes that decile 1 schools are the "10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities …” In simple terms, this means the schools which have the highest level of disadvantaged students. For more information on the school decile system and what is means click here.

The Tāmaki Wellbeing team is very proud to help define a programme which will promote healthy kai, health activity and healthy weight with the Manaiakalani team. We look forward to bringing you more updates about this work in the future.

This year the team continued our work in the early years and youth spaces, won an award at the Waitemata Health Excellence Awards for our Awhi Ora - Supporting Wellbeing programme, and moved home to 143 Queens Street with the Tāmaki Response team. You may also have noticed that we have updated our website. The update remains a work in progress however in the meantime, if you spot any information that is wrong, links that don’t work and so on please email Shona on and she will sort that out.

We wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year, stay safe everyone and we will be back at work in January.


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