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Tamaki’s Personal and Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing session held at Panmure Library

Ki Ora!

I'm Fiona, last month myself and Oliver, as part of the Tamaki Wellbeing Initiative spent a day talking with the local community about their wellbeing. First of all, thank you so much to everyone who shared and were involved. Participants in particular and also support from our venue staff at Panmure Library.

A bit of background….

We are part of a team who want to learn how people manage their health and wellbeing, to hear peoples’ experiences and to understand what matters to people in Tamaki. Through this we hope to better respond to peoples’ personal wellness and the wellness of the Tamaki Community.

Factors impacting wellbeing

We talked with people about the factors in their lives that impact their wellbeing. For some people it was their families, for others their physical health, and the lists were unique to each person.

Wellbeing Tree

Next, we asked people to think about things in their life that have a positive impact on their wellbeing, and the things that takeaway from their wellbeing. These were captured on our “Wellbeing Tree”. Green leaves were used for things that have a positive impact on wellbeing. The pink leaves represent things that take away from wellbeing.

Community Wellbeing

Lastly, we talked about Community Wellbeing, and (with maps) identified the places in Tamaki that have positive and negative impacts on wellbeing.

Next steps

We had a great response with people happy to share and participate. We will organize all the feedback we received and get back to you about what we found.

Travel well everyone - Fiona

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