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The Birth of a Youth Movement in Tāmaki? You betcha

In May of 2017 - we helped launch the very first design cycle of the Flipping East Lab, a social innovation platform embedded within the geo-local community of Tāmaki, aiming to foster strategic locally-driven responses in order to address complex social challenges that impact youth wellbeing. One of the lab founders, Hamish Lindop, wrote a blog at the end of our first waananga asking the simple question "Did we just start a youth movement? Time will tell".

Fast forward one year on and here we are with Flipping East in full swing - three paid youth interns delivering on a commissioned project from the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board to better understand youth aspiration, participation and voice within local democracy.

So far they have set up:

  • an agile project management system

  • a project steering group made up of government agencies, local youth organisations and young people

  • held one-to-one dialogue interviews with over 30 young people and 15 community stakeholders

  • undertaken a crash course on co-design and put it to use by running two workshops including a youth world cafe and a peer to peer conversation with stakeholders who work with young people in the area

  • analysed the initial findings to inform a theory of change and produce eight prototypes.

Some of the prototype work includes:

  • FLYT - Forum of Leaders, Youth in Tāmaki: A space that enables youth leaders from a variety of groups and networks to speak collectively on issues that impact and matter to them. It also serves as an accessible platform for local agencies and organisations to engage with young people.

  • A Student Council Toolkit: This is a toolkit which can support schools to run highly engaged and empowered student councils. It aims to build the capacity of both student and school teachers to co-design, co-decide and co-evaluate certain school activities as well as serving as a bridge to FLYT and the wider community. So far we are prototyping this toolkit inside of Otahuhu Intermediate and have interest from Tāmaki College and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moananui A Kiwa.

  • New-Z: An online live streamed current affairs show which brings the views and voice of young people into local and regional issues that affect them. Tune in each Saturday as we refine this into a show that rivals 60 minutes :)

Whilst this is going on - prototypes from our first design cycle are still generating activity such as the young women empowerment holding a day of activities in June and the whānau dialogue videos looking to be used to collaborate with other whānau change efforts in the area to catalyse further deep conversations between Tāmaki youth and their parents.

Oh and No Six have bossed up and are now fully operational as a collective of young entrepreneurs of digital content creators - picking up contracts for media and communications services as well as running a space for other youth to come and learn the trade on Saturday mornings in Te Oro!


Almost forgot to mention that Flipping East is also working in collaboration with a group of community stakeholders on a collective impact Youth Wellbeing project to reduce youth suicide in Tāmaki - So Hamish my friend, “Did we just start a youth movement in Tāmaki?”

Microphone drop.

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