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Awhi Ora support worker Seyed talks about his work

For this blog, we are happy to hand over the pen to Seyed who has supported people through Awhi Ora from the very early days – thank you Seyed!

Seyed, Camille and an Auckland District Health Board Health Excellence Award

“Awhi Ora – Supporting Wellbeing is a central point of contact for people to redress their personal or emotional issues. Through this initiative, I was able to support lots of people in the past three years in the Tāmaki region. I support people for the most part with: Housing New Zealand, Work & Income New Zealand, family issues, social outing, disability, migrant issues, wellness courses (gym, pool), empowerment classes, recreation and networking, ACC, employment, courts, addictions and youth support.

People are empowered because they are helped to develop their plan for their own journey. They take responsibility and make decision on their own with our support and guidance. I enjoy working and supporting people from different cultural backgrounds. I also make sure that every culture is valued and make them feel comfortable.

It takes time to gain the person’s trust so we use many strategies to win their heart before starting the service with them. Once they learned that we are genuinely interested in helping, they warm up to us and engage.

One way that illustrates a successful journey is people getting a job. I am pleased that some of my people are working as caregivers, heavy fork lift drivers, truck drivers, security guards and working at MacDonald’s. Some youths are motivated and supported through Awhi Ora to go back to tertiary education programmes, for example, to follow a computer course. I am so happy to see that after four months of customer service and computer training, one of the young people I supported is working as a part time customer service officer.

Awhi Ora brightens people’s life and brings smiles on their faces. We care about people, we motivate them and we support them to live a better life.

Go well Awhi Ora!”

Seyed – Awhi Ora support worker

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