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TIES - An Inclusive Engagement Strategy in Tāmaki

An ever unfolding narrative and network of people committed to community wellbeing, vision, relationships, self awareness and collaboration.

Over the past seven months, our team has been supporting the Tāmaki Inclusive Engagement Strategy (TIES) taumata group in a co-design process to further develop the locally created framework and tools to enhance working and learning together in the Tāmaki community. The TIES taumata include local champions Chris Makoare, Georgie Thompson, Tess Liew and Tara Moala.

TIES Co-Design Workshop, Ruapotaka Marae, 2017

Our first gathering was held in October last year at Ruapotaka Marae in Glen Innes, where our group dialogue moved through questions such as what is TIES, why does it exist, where did it come from and what is next in its next chapter of local community development? We learnt about the many years of earnest service to the community of Tāmaki in which the TIES resource emerged, bringing the past into the room to provide a clear view of where we are in the arc of Tāmaki history.

The knowledge in the TIES book had been difficult to utilise due to the low number of prints in circulation. One of the innovations was enabling open source access to the TIES resource via an online platform called This means everyone can now read and use the resource free of charge. To celebrate we held a website launch also at Ruapotaka Marae which saw the regathering of many of the faces who founded the original TIES resource. This was also an opportunity to welcome new people to the kaupapa of community engagement and development in Tāmaki.

Also to emerge from the co-design process was a TIES action-research prototype which seeks to learn how to achieve harmony and balance between three layers of community 'protagonists' that are said to participate in weaving the fabric of local society; the individual, the government agencies and institutions, and the various local communities which make up Tāmaki. It will strive to understand how might diverse community stakeholders engage, deliberate and organise towards greater horizontal and vertical collaboration to address difficult challenges in Tāmaki.

As the speed and complexity of change in Tāmaki increases, we sense the importance of this work and the work of many others who are striving to ensure equity of opportunity for local people to participate and shape their future rather than inherit or be excluded from it.

TIES Website Celebration, Ruapotaka Marae, 2018

TIES Website Launch, Ruapotaka Marae, 2018

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