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Local Wellbeing and Breathing Spaces

Va Lelei – a good space…

Breathing Spaces is about community wellbeing and growing healthy relationships in Tāmaki. The initiative is community led and supported by a co-design team comprising two people from the community and two people from our ADHB Tāmaki Health and Wellbeing Programme team. Breathing Spaces provides an opportunity for women who raise families to come together in a safe and life giving ‘space’ where they can learn from each other as they nurture and grow healthy and prosperous whānau.

Breathing Spaces is values-led. The values AKO - ALOFA – ACCEPTANCE guide each Monday night meet up in Glen Innes and represent the cultural diversity of the women in the group.

“For me breathing spaces is time out, a place to vent, a place to share…”

“To find out how other mums, grandmothers and others are bringing up their children…”

“I think it has helped to build some confidence that is being tested out in new ways…”

“Time to eat, share, enjoy, laugh, plan, think, explore, help…”

“To meet new people and learn new things…”

What Breathing Spaces means … in our own words

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