• Camille

A place in Tāmaki

In the Creating Wellbeing Together in Tāmaki initiative, we have systematically pursued working with the people of Tāmaki to co-design services that matter to them. To have an office space in Panmure has made a huge difference – we are now based in the community we are serving.

Our place there is looking better now that we have painted the inside. While painting was about making the space more welcoming, it is also a project involving members of community with the mural showed here.

Thank you to Ross and Toi Ora for facilitating this, and to Huva, Fabian and Shaquille for coming up with the beautiful story that goes beyond the words painted there with the tree in the background from its roots to its canopy.

It is great for us to work with them as we want our space to be available to organisations such as Toi Ora who run activities contributing to the wellbeing of the people of Tāmaki.

On another part of this project, Toi Ora is also working with members of the community on a photography project. Watch this space!

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