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Support that’s making a difference: connecting with what matters most to people

Caring relationships are at the heart of attaining and maintaining effective wellbeing support. An important part of that for many people is connecting with the places and people in the community that matter most to them. Not always easy to do on your own.

The new service peer and community support workers are providing at local GP clinics is enabling them to develop caring relationships with the people who are accessing their support. These person-centred relationships are making a real difference.

In our ongoing evaluation of our work we are talking to support workers and the people they are supporting, and we’re learning heaps about what’s working and why, and what we might modify to improve things further.

We’ve learned how important it is to really listen…

“Just by me being present and listening to the concerns of the journey she’s been on, and reconnecting her back to the things she used to do… reconnecting her back to her Te Reo, her culture… she had put it on the side for a little bit there, and she hadn’t been back to church for a while. That’s re-established again now and has been very helpful for her”

(Peer Support Worker)

“I am very appreciative because when you live a life of disability it’s a very lonely life and so you tend to battle on… She greets me with kia ora, she has taught me a new waiata, because I can’t always go out to classes in the community, she has brought some new learning to me…[Having support] meant that I was able to set goals and get clarity… it was very beneficial having a support person to nut my issues out with… The professionalism and level of confidence of confidentiality I found I can maintain those with her, and she can maintain those with me. I can trust her and that’s a big plus.”

(Person receiving support)

This is another example of our person-centred practice in action.

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