• Oliver

General Practice and specialist services working together

Over the last two months we have been talking to people who use and provide mental health and wellbeing services in Tamaki, to consider how these services might connect as one system to support the outcomes that matter to people. The views of people who use and provide services match on some levels, but equally they differ.

For example moving more supports into GP clinics and the community was a shared aspiration, as a way of providing more preventative and relational care.

Conversely, service providers want to develop care pathways and platforms to share information. These tools would be used to manage the quality and standardisation of care processes to improve clinical outcomes.

People who use services want providers to understand and prioritise their needs and communicate in their language.

The next step is to bring together the people who use and provide services to come together and design solutions to those challenges. We will be running the first of our prototyping workshop on 11 May to explore solutions.

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