• Oliver Campbell

Ideas turn to solutions

In August and September we held a series of workshops to understand how people in Tamaki want to experience mental health, addiction and wellbeing support in their community. The workshops focussed on how support could be accessed through GP practices.

The workshops were a fantastic opportunity for us to learn from the diverse groups that attended. The meetings were full of energy and some amazing ideas and insights were generated. By the middle of September a clear theme emerged that called for a personalised service, which can be accessed in the right way, at the right place and with the right people. More specifically, people wanted support that was easily accessible, that supports them with goals that they identify and which includes a variety of support options.

The next step was to translate the themes into possible solutions. We have worked closely with Mind and Body, Affinity Services and Pathways, three community based support services, to put together a prototype support services. The service provides flexible, non-medical, mobile support that is driven by what matters to the person. Support workers will help the person to plan for their wellness and will provide practical support until they are able to get back on track to live the life that they want.

This service is being trialled through Panmure Medical Centre and East Tamaki Healthcare over the next six months. The trial is a great opportunity to learn and to adapt the service into one that is person-centred and reflective of what the user want.

More information will be available in upcoming posts, but if you have any questions about the service contact us.

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