How Awhi Ora works

What is Awhi Ora?

A walk alongside support service for everyday people that is provided by everyday people.

What can Awhi Ora do?

We’re here to help you get back on track, so you can get going again.  Awhi Ora works together with you, to figure out a plan to reach goals that matter to you.  It’s about having the tools in your pocket, so you’re equipped to get to where you want to be.

How do I get in touch?

Awhi Ora services are available to adults who live in the Auckland or Waitemata DHB areas.  You can select your preferred provider by contacting them or ask your general practitioner or practice nurse if they can introduce you.

What happens after I get in touch?

When you access Awhi Ora, you access a network of support services.  At the initial conversation the service provider will talk to you about the help you need and establish if they or another provider are best to work with you.  

Many Awhi Ora service providers have previous experience of the same or similar issues that you may find yourself dealing with.  They live and work locally and where possible the Awhi Ora service providers will try and match support workers with you.  If your preference is for a cultural service or if you wish a gender specific support worker or want to speak to someone in Tongan, Spanish or some other language please let the support worker know.

What happens when we connect?

The Awhi Ora support worker and you identify your goals, agree how and when you would like to meet and go from there.  Support is usually provided for around three months with most people finding that six to eight catch-ups are needed.  If you need to, you can come back to Awhi Ora anytime in the future.

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